Olive Spencer

writes Smut.


Who is Olive Spencer?

Olive Spencer is a professional smut writer (no, really!) She writes novels, novellas, and novelettes, as well as erotic audio scripts and short stories on Medium.com

What has she written lately?

Olive has written 10 books, 30 short stories, 7 novelettes, and a handful of scripts over the last year. She writes everything from paranormal erotica to erotic romance and all places in between.

Where can I find Olive online?

You can find Olive all over social media. She’s on Twitter (under her real name), Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram.

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“I was raised by Disney, Dolly, and DMX, and I’m not scared of nothin’.” – Olive Spencer

I’m Olive Spencer, and I write smut. Not just any smut; the kind of smut you have to read one-handed, with a glass of water beside the bed. The kind that leaves you sweating, panting, and begging for more. When you pick up one of my books, you can expect spice, spice, and more spice! With handsome vampires and sexy older men, powerful women with agency, and sex so hot, you’ll need a cigarette when it’s over. There’s something for everyone between the pages of my books.

I am not just a one-trick pony; I write more than just contemporary or paranormal erotic romance. With sensual ménage à trois scenes, captivating ghost stories, and with a slightly forbidden romance under my belt, I craft worlds that draw you in, get you hot and bothered, and leave you with a book hangover that rivals that of cheap whiskey.

Vampire Books? Check.

From sexy vampire threesomes to ghost porn stars and sleep paralysis demons with dick for days, there’s a paranormal/supernatural book for you.

Audiobooks to die for? Check.

With audiobooks for every series, if you like to listen to your smut like a proper lady or classy gent, or even a spiffy theydie, I’ve got something on the shelf for you to enjoy.

Spicy artwork? Check, Check, Check.

If you’re looking for visuals to go with your written word or audio extravaganzas, I’ve got you covered with sexy artwork in spades.

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The OG Dirty Stuff

It’s nothing personal…

Let’s talk about the book started it all. Blood Lust.  If you’ve got a hankering for sexy, hate-fucking vampires with attachment issues and a penchant for ruining fancy mansions and pretty red dresses, you need to read Blood Lust. And, once you finish that? There’s even more goodness with Feeding Frenzy and Blood Lust: Crimson Temptations.

He puts the ‘ghost‘ in ghosting…

Are you a fan of ghost stories? Do you like hotel sex, supernatural shenanigans, and the promise of ‘same time, next year’? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to A) watch Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, and B) read Ghosted, starring Lance Harkness and Annie Marshall. They’re not real porn stars, but the connection between them is electric and makes the pottery scene look passé.

The Really Dirty Stuff

Some like it hot, some like it taboo. Some like… Both.

There’s something undeniably dirty about wanting a man who is utterly off-limits. Especially when that man… Is your father’s best friend. When Mina sets her eyes on her dear surrogate ‘uncle’ Grant, the sexy silver-fox billionaire, she sets her sights high. Mina has a plan to get her man, and that plan is fool-proof until a wrench in the works throws them off their axis.

Pretty in pink and doubly sweet; Dolly Plays Dress Up

Daddy loves dressing up his pretty pink princess for the holidays. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, Daddy’s got an outfit picked out for Dolly. Whether you like pink and red, or red, white, and green, Daddy and Dolly have a treat for you.

What my readers say

Kind words make the world go around, and my readers have plenty to share.

Bryce is the Holden Caulfield of vampires–brooding, bitter, and yet wounded and full of need. His story is treated with both humor and passion. I highly recommend this one!


Amazon Reader

Both my husband and I read Ghosted by Olive Spencer, and it was wonderful and sad and sweet. It was also unexpectedly funny. But most all it was hot. In less than 50 pages, Olive told a tale of loss and passion and despair and love, and we thought it was beautiful. A quick read, absolutely a page-turner, and you’ll be sad when it ended. Who knew an erotic story could be so touching. Bravo!

Sesame Swallow

Fellow Smut Writer

First, I’d like to preface my review by saying that the billionaire alpha genre is not usually my cup of tea. That being said, I was blown away by this book. The story flowed and kept you engaged and an insane amount of spice was packed into this story. You will feel the heat the characters generate figuratively and, if you’re not dead, literally. This book will satisfy your reading desires and you will find yourself fervently recommending it to your friends.

Drew Michaels

Citizen of Twitter

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